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2 Way Swivel Metal Cutting Bandsaw Variable Speed

  • This machine is useful for cutting normal steel, steel pipe, and provides cutting angle at + 60˚and +45˚by the swivel head.
  • A tooth selection chart was provided on the machine for cutting reference.
  • Variable speed control gives convenient selection of speeds. (This machine comes with a standard 2-speed motor.)
  • Stability of the machine, plus working table height is 950 mm, conforming to human engineering.
  • The one-inch blade and carbide guide provide better result of the cutting surface and efficiency.
  • The one-piece casting and one time CNC processing provide better rigidity and precision of the machine.
  • The one-piece and full coverage blade cover conforms to CE stipulation. Well coolant fluid collection system provides clean and dry, and safety of the working area.
  • Chip pan underneath the working table prevents coolant fluid leaking and keep floor dry.
  • Coolant for cutting,, water : oil = 40 : 1 oil specification.


Item Unit RF-320VAA
Main Motor HP 1.5HP/3PH
Speed Mt/min 60HZ 25~90 50HZ 21~75
Ft/min 60HZ 82~295 50HZ 68~244
Saw Blade mm (WxTxL) 27 x 0.9 x 2750
inch (WxTxL) 1.06 x 0.035 x 108.27
Machine Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 1400 x 700 x 1540
inch (LxWxH) 55 x 28 x 61
Weight NW/GW 390/440 kgs
860/970 lbs
  240 x 240mm
  310 x 230 mm
45°   200mm
  190 x 190mm
  120 x 180 mm
60°   115mm
  115 x 115mm
  115 x 155 mm
-45°   170mm
  160 x 160mm
  180 x 120 mm