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Cutting Machine For Aluminum Materials

  • Suitable for album frames and aluminum frames.
  • Free-lubrication mechanism for transmission and guide reduce the mistakes caused by manual operation.
  • The machine adopts the box design, so the work piece is fixed firmly, and the machining spindle head is moving in the box case for cutting process, which grants stable accuracy. Besides, since the processing chips are limited in the box, the dirt issues is greatly reduced.
  • The program setting is operated by dialogue box. Easy to understand and easy to operate for workers.
  • The processing time can be modified based on practical needs so it can maximize the machine productivity.
  • The work pieces can be preset by the program, and the program can berecalled at any time according to the processing requirements.
  • The overall operation of the machine can be completed by manual or even integrated operation with the robotic arms, which can greatly reduce the cost of menpower.
  • The feeding slide is driven by a servo motor, which can obtain better dimensional positioning accuracy than the conventional transmission structures.
  • The tool cooling adopts spray system, which reduces environmental pollution and saves further machining and machine cleaning as well as maintenance costs.